Superior University has built a level of trust and confidence among its existing and aspiring students due to the launch of innovative but effective study and work plans. Here it is more of a proverbial way to say that it takes years to build a reputation and integrity in this world full of all sorts of competition, but to maintain that level and keep on upgrading that is much more difficult…! But the leading research university of Pakistan has done it with success, and due to the dedication and excellence of its “Rector, Prof. Dr. Sumraira Rehman” always having a vision and implementation of research and mentorship programs for student success as a focal point.


Superior University management ensures that its students are hired as internees, trainees, or no-job trainees at best marketplaces. Under the 3U1M Program, students are encouraged to learn in the open market, to gain firsthand experience as to how to execute their studies into practice. So, almost all students get a great job offers even before having their final degrees in hand. Isn’t it a great deal to be part of such a leading university of Pakistan where students are treated like Super Heros, and their career establishment is the top priority set by the University’s Rector…


Superior University has an edge in following the global trends and taking these practices to the next level by introducing all research and academic excellence facilities to its students as well as the faculty members here at the campus. The entrepreneurial mindset of the rector is the sole reason for the introduction of the milestone step of ETTP – Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program. Students are trained and mentored by such a leading entrepreneurial university, to start up their own business setups, scale up their existing family businesses with international trends in mind, provide excellent design ideas to boost business for the corporate sector, and to earn a great career opportunity there afterward as a reward and as a recognition!


To be a leading Pakistani university driving excellence in learning, Innovation and research.


We are committed to transform the lives of our students, faculty, staff and alumni by providing an excellent learning and research environment which ensures success in their lives and careers. We
believe in developing emotionally intelligent ‘Superheroes’ who can create social and economic impact through entrepreneurial mindset to build a Superior Pakistan.








Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman

Superior University has bagged a rank among the world’s best 301 to 400 universities and the number one position in Pakistan’s private sector universities
by Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking 2022….

Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman

I am deeply grateful to Almighty Allah for Superior University’s phenomenal
ranking among the world’s top 301 to 400 universities, among the league of top ten
in the region, and the No.1 position among private sector universities of Pakistan…

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nizam Ud Din

We are a globally recognized and the best private sector university
in Pakistan that is driven by entrepreneurial mindset, emotional
intelligence, and a strong research culture. Recognized…