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3U1M is an experiential learning framework focused on ensuring Student Success by producing 21st Century Market ready graduates. This revolutionary framework includes three years of study at the university and one year of market intensive practical exposure in the industry. Through Superior’s comprehensive teaching and industrial training program, the students learn and develop the necessary professional skills that guarantee employability. To fulfill this agenda, Superior Mentorship Program 2021 was introduced to continuously upgrade the market-based skill set that must enable and empower the youth with real-time professional competence in the industry practices to guarantee career success. The 3U1M Program is designed to focus on students’ overall development so that their IQ & EQ ameliorate simultaneously along with the cultivation of life management skills through life-changing modules. From the exclusive Freshman Semester to the three streams during the final market intensive year, 3U1M ensures students’ market readiness and professional excellence guided by the conducive entrepreneurial environment at the university. Under the Outcome Based Education framework, learning outcomes in each semester are pre-set to accentuate the learning experience while its efficacy is gauged on the Project-Based Learning framework where Superior’s students exhibit and internalize the attributes of 21stcentury graduates employing hands-on, experiential learning. In the third year of PBL on ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ students get trained in social action programs for community service under Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) and Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program (ETTP). The projects under SEP have been applauded for making a huge impact on society by helping underprivileged communities. This passion for social help is raising our future generation with a spirit of helping humanity and contributing to better communities. Thus, it is believed that the entire 3U1M Program enables the youth to become the masters of their destiny by offering the right blend of knowledge, skills, and attitude in accordance with their individual aptitudes.

3U1M is hallmark feature of academic excellence at Superior University. It is an experiential learning framework focused on ensuring Student Success: one of the core values of Superior University. This revolutionary framework includes three years of study at the university and one year of market intensive practical exposure in the industry. This indigenous and comprehensive learning methodology is central tenet of our education quality, which according to the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2022 features Superior University among Top 200 Universities of the World

3U 3 Years in University

The Experiential Learning Journey of Superior Student is initiated by Project-Based Learning from Year-01. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is at the heart of the 3U1M program in which the students are trained to put theory into practice during the first three years at university. Program graduate attributes are translated into program learning outcomes which further transcend into course learning outcomes and key competencies which are incorporated into PBLs. In each of their first three years of the academic journey, students undertake a project that ensures the integration of the learning outcomes of the courses in that particular year to equip students with industry relevant knowledge, core competencies, key skills, and a highly professional attitude. Facilitated by a series of rigorous training modules and extensive mentorship program, students are expected to meet several milestones to complete their projects. Each project includes a 360o evaluation and assessment mechanism in the light of a well-defined performance rubric that determines the attained skill level in each PBL. These projects are not only vertically integrated in a semester but also horizontal integration across the semesters is ensured to attain the desired graduate attributes

1M 1 year in Market

The final year – 1M – is the market intensive year where the students put their learning and experience of the past three years to good use. The students are offered three indigenous specialization streams. Startup and Scaleup streams offer a challenge that is entrepreneurial in nature while the Design Challenge stream requires a solution-oriented approach and analytical mindset. The 1M Program enables the youth to become the masters of their destiny by offering the right blend of knowledge, skills, and attitude in accordance with their individual aptitudes.

1M Streams Startup Stream Powered by ID92

Startup Stream is meant for the students who are ambitious to start their own business. These students are enrolled with our state-of-the-art incubation center – ID92 – where our dedicated coaches convert their entrepreneurial zeal into successful startups. The students are provided mentoring and handholding throughout the process of ideation to commercialization of the ventures. The support includes mentoring, meeting with relevant industry experts, co-working space, linkages with potential investors, and facilitation in business registration and fulfilling other legal obligations.

Scaleup Stream Powered by Scaleup PK

Scaleup stream caters to the students who already have a family business and wish to take it to next frontiers. The stream is powered by our accelerator – Scaleup.PK - which lends critical support to expand an existing venture by employing innovative ideas, one-on-one mentorship, technological solutions, expansion strategies, and investor liaison. An experienced team of industry experts guides the students to initiate research-backed foundational adjustments in the existing business to facilitate its growth and efficiency.

Design Challenge Powered by Superior Employability Center

Design Challenge stream is for the students who envision their career as valuable employees of the national and international organizations. The stream is administered in collaboration with Superior Employability Center (SEC). Under this stream, students are placed in various organizations for a period of 6 months, where they identify a pressing problem for the host organization and work with the management of the organization to find an admissible solution for it. Resultantly, the students get familiar with the corporate culture and learn complex problem-solving skill. Before the completion of the degree Superior Employability Centre organize Superior Young Leaders Program- An intensive skill development program follows by mock interviews and recruitment drives to ensure Student success. Superior Employability Centre also facilitate to arrange industry Pin-ups where the seasoned Industry experts are invited to bridge the industry-academia gap. The feedback from the industry pin-ups is used to define the program graduate attributes, curriculum and course learning outcomes.

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