MS Sociology

Superior University’s MS Sociology program is designed to augment the core understanding of the students concerning the subject matter by bolstering their comprehension of social theory and the utility of research methodologies and methods of enquiry. The highly-qualified faculty is dedicated to providing expert guidance and individual supervision to budding researchers to produce substantial research that addresses vital contemporary issues in the fields of gender, media and culture, marginalised groups, social movement, religion, and sustainability.

Master/BS (4-year) degree from recognized institution with at least 2nd division or 2.00 CGPA out of 4.00 in one of the following subjects:  Sociology or equivalent from any HEC

Semester 1

CoursesCredit hours
Medical Ethics2
Anatomy I4
Physiology I4

Semester 2

CoursesCredit Hours
Functional English3
Anatomy II4
Physiology II4
Pakistan Studies2

Semester 3

CoursesCredit Hours
Communication and WritingSkills3
Clinical Pharmacology3
Pathology I3
Introduction toOncology and Radiotherapy3
Regional and ImagingAnatomy3
Basic Radiation Physics3

To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate