MS Art & Design

Superior University’s MS Art and Design program fosters professional development while exposing students to the hybrid character of art and design in modern society. A multidisciplinary team of faculty members encourages the students to work across mediums, processes, and working methods to gain expertise in photography, installation, print, digital media, sculpture, illustration, curatorial practice, textiles, drawing, sound, graphic design, site-specific art, and participatory art.

Minimum Qualification: BS in Architecture/Building Design & Construction/Civil Engineering/Landscape Design/Textile Design/Textile Engineering/Textile Technology/Textile Management/Fashion Design/Fashion Branding/Fashion Marketing and Merchandising/ Product Design/Fine Arts/Home Economics/Graphic Design, and Gaming Design. Relevant field or 16 years of education in a relevant field. Minimum Marks: CGPA 2.5 / 60% required in annual.
Course Credit Hours
Problem Based Learning in Molecular Biology 2(1-1)
DNA and Protein Sequencing (Lab Techniques) 1(0-1)
Project Management1(1-0)
Biomolecules to Market 2(2-0)
Gene Cloning and Expression2(0-1)
Chromatographic Techniques 1(0-1)