Medical Sciences


With a commitment to accomplishing and maintaining distinction in
procedure and patient care by advancing healthcare services through inspired leadership and excellence in education, the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Superior University has grown in stature over the years. Under the supervision of qualified faculty members and clinical assistants at the in-house 600-bed Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Teaching & Research Hospital and the Azra Naheed Dental College, the students learn, understand, and apply the fundamentals of providing comprehensive patient-centred care of high quality while staying true to the professional ethos of decency, compassion, love, and care. The blend of experiential learning frameworks at the state of the art facilities which includes an Anatomage Table, the first in private medical colleges in Punjab equip the students with the scientific and academic knowledge as well as interpersonal skills that are crucial for this sensitive and rapidly evolving field. In order to address the healthcare needs of the community while receiving comprehensive hands-on training, the students undertake supervised examinations and treatments of a large number of patients during their education, which improves their clinical expertise and conviction necessary to succeed in future employment or potential private practice avenues.