Engineering & Technology


With a realisation that technology underpins all aspects of modern life, Superior University’s Faculty of Engineering & Technology is devoted to educating the students of engineering to participate in creating and applying contemporary knowledge and technological developments to make a socio-economic impact on society while staying true to the promise of sustainable development. As technology continues to evolve at a relentless speed, the creative, enterprising, and dynamic instructors at the faculty have dedicated themselves to carrying out research and knowledge transfer to ensure that all of the students can excel within their chosen discipline. The wide range of industry vetted course which have been developed with support from leading academics and seasoned industry professionals produce market-ready graduates who are equally adept at taking up excellent employment opportunities and novel entrepreneurial avenues. Amidst an exceptional research conducive environment, the faculty and the research students have consistently achieved excellence in their fields, producing scholarship that possesses the capacity for the commercial application while having a positive impact on the sustainable economic and social wellbeing.