BS Public Policy & Governance

Superior’s Bachelor of Public Policy program gives students a thorough understanding of the rationales behind public policy decisions and the far-reaching outcomes of government interventions and the influence of the non-profit sector. The curriculum is mapped on CSS / PMS subjects. Hence, the students have the chance to secure their future by obtaining a BS level degree along with 100% preparation for CSS / PMS exams. The curriculum equips the students with the desired skillset and the understanding of the theoretical frameworks to collect and analyze economic, demographic, and social data, evaluate public policies and programs, and contribute to policy design, advocacy, and communication.

Intermediate or Equivalent

Semester 1

CourseCredit Hours
Expository Writing - III3
Citizenship Education3
Arts & Humanities - II3
Peace Studies3
Introduction to Economics3
Communication and Media Studies3

Semester 2

CourseCredit Hours
Muslim Political Philosophy - I3
Political System (Developing)3
Introduction to International Relations3
Western Political Philosophy3
Comparative and Developmental Politics3

Semester 3

CourseCredit Hours
International Political Economy3
History of International Relations3
Introduction to Local Government3
Research Methodology3
Muslim Political Philosophy - II3

Semester 4

CourseCredit Hours
Political System (Developed)3
Constitutional Development and Pakistan
Ideology and Dynamic of Pakistan Politics
Foreign Policy Analysis3
Nuclear Studies3

Semester 5

CourseCredit Hours
Pakistan Movement3
Foreign Policy of China and Russia3
Political Economy of Pakistan
Conflict and Conflict Resolution3
Final Year Project - I3

Semester 6

CourseCredit Hours
Foreign Policy of UK and USA3
International Politics of Human Rights3
International Organizations
Foreign Policy of Pakistan3
Final Year Project - II3

Semester 7

CourseCredit Hours
Chemistry of Dairy Products3
Food and Industrial Microbiology3
Food Preservation3
Traditional Dairy Products3
Dairy Plant Management and Sanitation3

Semester 8

CourseCredit Hours
Dairy Microbiology3
Heat Transfer and Refrigeration3
Food Processing Technology3
Fermented Dairy Products3
Dairy Products Research and Development3
Food Safety and Toxicology3

To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate