Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors)

Superior’s famed BBA program employs case studies and intensive projects to enable the students to adapt innovative business strategies to accommodate the changing marketplace conditions, assess organizational needs, and implement effective improvement scenarios. With the assistance of real and simulated business situations, the courses provide the students with opportunities to understand and apply effective leadership skills to pursue entry level business careers or set up their entrepreneurial ventures.

Semester 1

CourseCredit Hours
Introduction to Business3
English For Life3
Introduction to Computing3
Business Maths3
Islamic Studies2
Micro Economics3

Semester 2

CourseCredit Hours
Marketing Management3
Principles of Management3
Financial Accounting3
Creative & Persuasive Writing3
Business Stats3
Macro Economics3

Semester 3

CourseCredit Hours
Leading People and Organizations3
Management Accounting3
Communication Skills And Personality Development3
Smart Technologies in 21st century3
Business Research Method3

Semester 4

CourseCredit Hours
Digital Marketing3
Human Resource Management3
Financial Management3
Advanced Communication Skills3
Pakistan Studies2

Semester 5

CourseCredit Hours
Active Citizenship Program3
Brand Management3
Islamic Finance3
Corporate & Business Law3
Economics of Pakisan3

Semester 6

CourseCredit Hours
International Finance3
Audit and Assurance3
Supply Chain Management3
Gig Economy3

Semester 7

CourseCredit Hours
Corporate Entrepreneurship3
Project Management3
Specialization - I3
Specialization - II3
Final Year Project - I3

Semester 8

CourseCredit Hours
Operational Excellence3
Business Policy and Strategy3
Specialization - III3
Specialization - IV3
Final Year Project - II3

To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate