Arts and Humanities


With a firm belief that studying arts has a transformative effect on our lives, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Superior University offers a holistic approach to its futuristic curriculum with a special focus on developing the analytical and rational competencies of a diverse community of academics and students currently pursuing degrees that fall under its purview. The courses on offer are built on the ethos of adding value to employability, providing a superlative student experience, and embracing international opportunities. Moreover, Superior’s unique experiential learning framework and special emphasis on applied research have elevated Superior’s reputation with regard to academic excellence and student success.

By encouraging and facilitating collaborative action and progressive involvement opportunities both on and off-campus, the internationally qualified faculty is committed to enabling the students to engage with the larger world and elevate the lives of individuals and communities and make a difference in the world and enhance their understanding of the world via inquiry, critical reflection, creative interventions, and discourse.