Art and Design


Based on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary methodology that approaches the design process from a conceptual and theoretical standpoint, Superior University’s School of Art and Design nurtures
innovative and highly employable graduates who are well equipped to envision and create an innovative and sustainable future. Amidst the rapid technological advancements across all disciplines, it is the combination of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking that can ensure economic growth and unravel new possibilities. In this era of
disruptive technologies, design thinking is crucial to address challenges like sustainable futures, social progress, and transition
design education among others.

Superior’s School of Art & Design offers a blend of synergised experiential learning and an understanding of futuristic industry practices to elevate the learning experience that is grounded in continuous innovation and excellence.
School’s excellent faculty  in collaboration with numerous diverse
partnerships with public, private, non-profit, and industrial partners
helps the students explore their innovative selves while helping them develop critical thinking, conceptual problem solving, and
industry standard technical skills to create a competitive portfolio and ensure their future success.