Associate Degree in Web Design and Development

The Web Design & Development Associate Degree Program enables the students to develop dynamic websites. The global business community needs shrewd web designers and developers to maintain an active presence the cyberspace. This program teaches key technical and interpersonal skills to develop websites using various contemporary web development technologies, paving the way for budding tech entrepreneurs to fulfil their ambitions.

Semester 1

Intense Care Management4
Respiratory Therapy Techniques3
Research Methodology3
Research Project6

Semester 2

Advanced Regression Analysis3
Advanced Bayesian Inference3
Advanced Categorical Data Analysis3
Advanced Design of Experiments3
Advanced Distribution Theory3
Advanced Multivariate Analysis
Advanced Operations Research3
Advanced Statistical Methods in Quality control3
Applied Smoothing Techniques3
Applied Stochastic Models3
Bayesian Inference3
Causal Inference3
Convergence in Probability3
Decision Trees3
Ecological Statistics3
Environmental Statistics3
Financial Stochastic Models3
Generalized Linear Mixed Models3
Generalized Linear Models
Inference in Stochastic Processes3
Linear Models3
Logical Reasoning and Research Method3
Longitudinal Data Analysis3
Meta Analysis3
Multilevel Modeling
Optimization Techniques
Regression Models for Count Data
Spatial Data Analysis3
Statistical Genetics3
Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials3
Structural Equation Models3
Survival Data Analysis

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting


Semester 3

Core - IV3
Core - V3
Elective - I
Elective - II

Semester 4

General Pathology3
Basic Physiology3
Fundamental of Biochemistry3