Associate Degree Programs


With a commitment to delivering on its organizational promise to ensure student success and create avenues for employment for the youth of Pakistan across all economic segments of the society, Superior University offers a variety of Associate Degree Programs that focus on providing affordable skills based education to build an adequately educated yet highly employable workforce in accordance with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). With a variety of courses to choose from, these programs nurture marketable and industry centric professionals who are well placed to make up for the scarcity of well-trained, certified, and technically skilled personnel in various sectors of the industry.

After the completion of their degrees, the ADP graduates are equipped with a portfolio of skills and industry-standard techniques that enables them to make an early entry into the job market or to set up small entrepreneurial ventures. Given that the Associate Degree Programs are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree i.e., 14 years of study, the graduates can choose to pursue Honour’s degree by studying for two further years with significant course exemptions, which would open up a range of avenues to achieve academic and professional success.